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As used in this warranty, defects are defined as meaning imperfections in components, which substantially impair the usability of the products. Should a warranty issue arise, please contact the marketing agent so that inspection can be done on the chair and determine if your claim is under warranty.

Conditions of Use

To ensure that the chair is used correctly and safely, it must be set up and used as directed in the included instructions. IKONS products are designed and manufactured for a normal use as a chair or table, which implies that it should be used for the weight for which it is rated it is designed and excludes, among other things, use by 2 people at the same time. Individuals should sit down in the chair without “falling” into it, and should change position without making any sudden movement. If the products are used by children, they should be supervised by adults.

Limited Warranty

This IKONS product has been designed and manufactured in order to provide satisfaction. It is guaranteed for 3 months (Three) from the date of delivery and use against any manufacturing or material defects. This guarantee DOES NOT cover damaged that arise from accident, normal wear and tear, misuse or abuse, intentional damage, fire, flood, alteration or modification of the product, negligence, exposure, or use of the product in a manner inconsistent with its intended use.

Additionally this warranty does not cover damage resulting from inadequate maintenance, cleaning, or care on any condition resulting from other than ordinary wear from any use for which the product was not designed. Under the terms of this limited warranty, IKONS will replace, repair, or send a replacement part if the product problem meets the conditions above and other problems which includes:

Fabric stitching, Chair parts or Wood joint.

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